Parents Support Group, NJ, Inc.



Monmouth Park Racetrack

Saturday, July 14,2018


The “Day at the Races” is Parents Support Group’s main annual fundraiser. It is through generous donations from thoughtful supporters like you that Parents Support Group is able to continue its mission of helping parents understand and cope with the disease of addiction in their children. 100 percent of the proceeds from the “Day at the Races” Ad Journal go directly towards operating Parents Support Group and help us keep our parent’s meetings, guest speaker nights and referral services up and running. Thank you in advance for your kind support!


Ads can express gratitude, recognize achievements, or be for advertising purposes.




_____Eighth Page (2–3 lines of text)            $ 25.00

_____Quarter Page (2 ˝” x 4”)                         $ 50.00

_____Half Page (5” x 4”)                                       $ 100.00

_____Full Page (5” x 8”)                                        $ 200.00

_____Back Cover, Glossy COLOR                     $ 500.00

_____Inside Front, Glossy COLOR                  $ 500.00

_____Inside Back, Glossy COLOR                    $ 500.00


Sponsor Name/Contact: _______________________________________________________________


Phone Number: ________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


Attach a copy of your ad to this form and mail along with check (payable to Parents Support Group, NJ, Inc.) to:


Parents Support Group, NJ, Inc.

c/o Jennifer Sullivan

17 Hawthorne Road

Essex Fells, NJ 07021


Or, email your ad (PDF file preferred) to


Any questions, please call Jennifer Sullivan at 973-226-2789


*****Deadline for Ad Journal entries is June 28, 2018*****